Theoretical Principles

Moral Witnessing
Born Equal wrestles with the question of bearing witness to those caught in the grip of political violence.
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Minding Children: Who Is a Child?
Born Equal takes into account both psychological and legal perspective on childhood, and wrestles with the developmental and existential question of who is afforded the luxury of being a child and being viewed as one.


Social-Ecological Perspective
Born Equal views children as part of their context and nests children within a field of concentric circles of families and living communities.
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Children in wars and conflict zones
Born Equal is informed by the global knowledge on psychological realities of children living in the shadow of political violence around the world.
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Ongoing Traumas and Human Rights
Born Equal views psychological realities as inseparable from political realities and human rights conditions, and is informed by literature on the traumatic aspects of human rights violations.
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Moral Injuries
Born Equal views the agonies of victims are interrelated to traumas and moral injuries of those who have inflicted this suffering, and wrestles with humanizing all parties involved, while insisting on accountability.