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in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel, in a nutshell



House Demolitions and Bombardments, Incursions and Evictions 



The destructive loss of homes is a pervasive element that Palestinian communities face, and to a much lesser extent, sometimes what Jewish Israelis must confront.

In the West Bank, many families and communities face military intrusions into the private dwelling areas: Sudden entrances incursions into the house for purposes of “passage” to other locations, night raids purported for “data information”, arrests of family members when children are asleep, and even house seizing for long terms are regular occurrences.

In Gaza, tens of thousands of families have lost their homes as a result of massive military attacks; in Israel, rockets threaten families whose houses are in some cases not protected enough.

Both in Israel and the West Bank, houses of many Palestinian families are demolished by the authorities due to discrimination in planning and loss of housing rights, as part of a collective punishment policy or as a result of alleged security or military needs. These families are mostly evicted against international law, and do not receive state psycho-social support designated for coping with the consequences of the state policies.

Such extensive assistance was given to around 2000 Jewish Israeli families who had been uprooted from settlements as part of the 2005 “Disengagement Plan”, and even in that case the extent of support was claimed to be dissatisfying in term of children’s and families’ needs.

To conclude, many communities and families raise children under threats of night raids, home demolitions and evictions. Due to the central role of house stability in the healthy development of children, the constant undermining of this right in Israel and the Palestinian occupied territories might cause vast destructive consequences.


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