Born Equal’s Mission Statement

Born Equal is a witnessing project that opens a space to convey a nuanced and responsible view of the psychological dangers and hopes for children and families residing in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and particularly those living in the shadow of occupation, ongoing war, racism and discrimination.

We see the ever-changing psychological realities as inseparable from the political realities and human rights conditions.

We strive to use our training as mental health practitioners to hear and disseminate the often silent voices and pain of these children and their families in ways that society can hear. We hope to help in fostering greater empathy and ignite healing processes.

We believe that bearing witness responsively and with responsible dissemination to others is an active stance that includes accompanying survivors, witnesses, and the public in digesting, holding, and contending with painful and threatening realities.

We see our mandate as threefold:  Education, Engagement and Partnership:

A focal point of our mission involves using educational and artistic mediums to teach about the specific traumatic realities as they reverberate into the future. A piece of our work includes one on one dialogues with scholars, art, clergy and humanitarian workers.

We endeavor to create a real and virtual meeting space to connect with others engaged in similar work and offer a platform for communication and exchange of ideas. We believe in developing a community and active partnerships with those directly impacted, Palestinian, Israeli, and foreign, whose voices and guidance we see as critical to our mission.