Means of Dissemination

The Born Equal website is a living library of resources, testimonies, and artistic media. We hope you will be inspired to find creative means for disseminating these difficult realities through the mediums that you are most familiar with, and we hope you will reach towards people in your community who are in positions to share the dangers of ongoing war and the psychological and humanitarian costs of the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict as it reverberates both near and far.  Here are some suggestions of things you can do:

1.    Send a link to the Born Equal website to scholars, practitioners, clergy, artists, or any person who cares about children.

2.    Visit the region and meet with people most impacted.  If you need help finding those people, please let us know:

3.    Consider “virtual witnessing” Watching educational films and theatre, reading accounts of those from the region, and meeting scholars and activists when they visit your area, is critical. Additionally, you can host evenings of learning and discussion.  We can help you find the people who are visiting.

4.    Share your own experience of grappling with the impact of these troubling realities. You are welcome to submit your reflection to us for possible publication:

5,    If you are inspired to review an artistic expression—theatre, movies, art installations, exhibits—that pertain to the subject, you are welcome to submit it to us for possible publication:


Below are resources from other organizations.  This is not an exhaustive list and we will keep updating it:

* No Way to Treat A Child‘s Advocacy Toolkit

* Rabbis for Human Rights tours in Israel and Palestine

We are actively compiling additional educational tools. Please check back for new resources.  Additional information may be found in website of leading human rights groups in the region working towards justice and equality for children and families and the cessation of human rights violations