A Gaga class and a moment of pause, Dec.20th, 8pm, Jerusalem

If you consider yourself a ‘dweller at the threshold’, working to protect dignity as clergy, artists, activists, journalists, mental health professionals, educators, writers, aid workers,
or if you just passionately care about the future for your children:

Please join use for an evening of movement and restoration for all who are working towards peace and justice –
A Gaga class and a moment of pause

Sunday the 20th of December at 8:00 pm at
Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, Address: ‪3 HaTsanhanim road
Cost: NIS 40 donation

Facebook invitation: https://www.facebook.com/events/1647261105525266/

The idea for an evening through ‘Gaga’* comes from our experience of using movement to fuel the depletion inherent in activism. This evening is rooted in the idea that movement can open a window, letting bodies and minds breath, strengthening our own voices, as we come together to reaffirm that “we are all more human than otherwise.”

This Gaga class will be taught by the artist and choreographer, Ohad Fishof.  The evening will be facilitated by Anat Raphael and Judy Roth, mental health practitioners and activists in partnership with the Global Psychosocial Network project on movement.

The evening is dedicated to those working in Jerusalem and to the Born Equal Network 

*Gaga [gagapeople.com] is an innovative movement language developed by Ohad Naharin that emphasizes the exploration of sensation and availability for movement. It focuses on strengthening the body, increasing flexibility and speed and awakening imagination.

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