Children of war in Palestine

Mohamed Altawil, David Harrold, Muthanna Samara (2008). Children of war in PalestineChildren in War: The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies,1(5), pp. 5-11.


Palestinians do not have the opportunity to set right the destruction wrought by years of war and conflict. They are currently in dire need of a professional service institution with the capacity to provide psychological, social and health services for the victims of war. This problem is particularly pronounced in the Gaza Strip where 80% of the population lives below the poverty line. In this paper, some cases describing children’s experiences of the occupation and conflict in Palestine are introduced. Finally, the consequences of the violence of war and occupation in Palestine will be deliberated.

Children at WarDavid HarroldGazaMohamed AltawilMuthanna Samaratrauma