Families in Arms: Kinship and the Military in Israeli Society

Erella Grassiani (2003). Families in Arms: Kinship and the Military in Israeli SocietyEtnofoor, pp. 115-126.



These days, we are actors in a wide variety of computational landscapes – for example, we put ourselves in the virtual spaces of simulation games and create representations of ourselves in virtual communities on the Internet. Such involvements have complex ‘identity effects’. At the same time that our ‘lives on the screen’ facilitate an increased fluidity of identity play, we are immersed in simulations whose underlying mechanisms we do not understand and which may encourage us to see the world in simpler rather than more complex terms.

Paper parts:  The army: ‘brothers in arms’ * Combatants * Support and influence of parents in the military * Kinship and death in the military [The collective level: heroification by the state; The individual level: the military and the bereaved] * Kinship in anti-military discourse * Conclusion

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