ESMI AHLAM – MY NAME IS AHLAM – Documentary, 2010

My Name is Ahlam (Esmi Ahlam): Feature Documentary, 2010. Director: Rima Essa

Aisha, a Palestinian woman living in the occupied West Bank, is fighting for her daughter’s right to receive adequate treatment for her leukemia. Director Rima Essa brings to the screen a unique testimonial that avoids self-pity and victimization, focusing instead on Aisha’s process of empowerment. Suddenly she is no longer afraid to stand up to her occupiers and to her conservative society.

“When a child is sick, the mother suffers with him”, says Aisha, who is forced to deal with her family’s crisis amidst the impossible conditions of life under the Israeli occupation. Despair is not an option for her and for her people: “We suffer but hope that life will change”.

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