Children Ex-detainee Rehabilitation Project | YMCA East-Jerusalem

Since the second Intifada, the Israeli military forces have arrested and imprisoned over 6000 children under 18 years of age. About 700 children per year, at that time, were detained and have gone through the same process of arrest and imprisonment to which adults were exposed. This project aims at helping those children overcome the psychological impact of this harsh experience as well as helping them integrate into their societies. The project started in April 2009 with the generous funding of the European Commission for humanitarian AID (ECHO).

Upon the implementation of a needs assessment, the East Jerusalem YMCA Rehabilitation Program in partnership with Save the Children initiated the “Post Trauma Rehabilitation of Palestinian Ex-detainee Children” project. The project, which is implemented by East Jerusalem Rehabilitation Program in 11 areas in West Bank, Provides a holistic approach of intervention with the beneficiaries and their families. Beneficiaries of the project also obtain vocational and academic guiding sessions, and are engaged in structured ventilation activities through which they are given the chance to interact with each other and release some of the stress and anxiety caused by their detention experience in a stimulating and safe environment.




Source: Children Ex-detainee Rehabilitation, East Jerusalem YMCA 

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