The Impact of Child Arrest and Detention: Report by Madaa Creative Center

In 2012, the Madaa Creative Center, had produced a paper addressing the arrests and detention of Palestinian children in Silwan, East Jerusalem. The report analyses the findings of 30 interviews with children from Silwan, aged between 7 to 17 years old, who were arrested and detained. Madaa writes:

The purpose of this paper is to provide readers with an overview of the ubiquitous and systematic harsh treatment Palestinian minors from Silwan encounter during arrest in the hands of the various Israeli Security Forces and the shorter term psychological, physical and social impacts sustained as a result. The challenges surrounding human rights violations against Palestinians and the violations of children rights in particular are central to this report. Lastly, some recommendations are lent for a way forward.


The data for this paper was compiled beginning of 2012 by Dr. Shari Gschaider-Kassahun, Clinical Psychologist and Development Advisor and Sahar Baidoun, Women and Children Coordinator at the Wadi Hilweh Madaa Creative Center, Silwan, East Jerusalem. Yeneingeda Kassahun is co-author of this paper and was assisting in verifying content and data. Some findings were shared in June 2012 at the 25th Annual Conference of the German Peace Psychology Association at the University of Konstanz and during a Public Debate in Amsterdam organized by various Child Protection Organizations.

For the full report: THE IMPACT OF CHILD ARREST AND DETENTION: An exploratory research probing into the immediate outcome of the harsh and widespread child arrests practices in East Jerusalem

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