“East Jerusalem Residents Feel They Have Nothing Left to Lose” – Haaretz, Sep 2015

“Even when they don’t agree with stone throwing, Palestinians in East Jerusalem say their existence is constantly under threat.”

psychologist Rana Nashashibi: “What Israelis don’t understand is that no 12- to 20-year-old youth thinks that what happened to others will happen to him. They have the mentality that they are ‘super,’ powerful. It’s typical of their age group. They think that what happened to others (arrest, injury) happened because they didn’t perform well enough, while they can do better.”
Parents who fear for their children, fines or the loss of social benefits cannot stop the youths because the “regime of Israeli discrimination has so weakened the institution of the Palestinian family, the father, that they can’t influence most of the children,” according to Nashashibi. “Fathers who can’t earn a living, parents who are beaten by police in front of their children, parents who married when they were youths and don’t work. Everything led to there not being an authoritative figure within the family.”

Source: East Jerusalem Residents Feel They Have Nothing Left to Lose – Israel – Haaretz, Amira Hass, Sep 26, 2015

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