Kids Court in Conflict

Kids Court in Conflict is a 2015 campaign of “Yachad Youth”. Over £32,000 were raised to pay for a lawyer to represent Palestinian juveniles in the West Bank. Alongside this, Kids Court in Conflict have engaged the British Jewish community in discussion and debate around this important issue. 

Kids Court in Conflict are a group of young Zionist leaders from across the religious spectrum in the UK. In September 2014, 15 of this group went on the Yachad Student trip to the West Bank. During the trip they learnt about the nature of detention of Palestinian juveniles under Israel’s military occupation. They heard about many issues of concern, including the treatment of children under arrest and aspects of the entire judicial process. They were most concerned by how few of the Palestinian children they met had seen a lawyer throughout the process of interrogation (read more about this issue). They decided they wanted to return to Britain and start an important conversation in their community about this issue, and to support inspiring Israeli individuals and organisations working in the field to create change. 


The money they have raised is paying for an on call emergency lawyer whose time is dedicated to representing Palestinian juveniles throughout their entire judicial process. Lawer Hamze Abu Meizer, a resident of East Jerusalem, is currently providing legal assistance to Palestinian juveniles in the West Bank military court system. 

Alongside raising money for a lawyer to support Palestinian children, Kids Court in Conflict aims to have a conversation about this issue within their community, and invite the members of those communities to join their letter writing campaign to help make this a reality and to engage British Jewry in this important conversation.


Source: Kids Court in Conflict | Yachad Youth: Together For Israel, Together For Peace

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