Musicians without Borders: War divides, music connects

Musicians without Borders (MwB) uses the power of music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war.

MwB works closely with local musicians and organizations to build sustainable projects in response to local needs. From successful projects they develop models, methodologies and trainings to adapt for other regions. Their professional trainers are specialized in running community music projects with people dealing with trauma, fear and isolation as a result of war and conflict.

MwB’ long-term commitment allows their participants the time to develop skills and talents, process grief and loss, and build bridges of reconciliation in societies divided by recent or ongoing conflict.

They believe that:

  • Music creates empathy, builds connection and gives hope.Music crosses ethnic divides and provides neutral space to meet through shared talents and passions.
  • Community music-making is a direct and accessible tool for connecting people and engaging and mobilizing communities.
  • From drum circles to choirs to rock bands, music can be practiced by any person at her/his own level regardless of musical skills, whether in small groups or in a setting of hundreds or even thousands of people.


Palestine Community Music projects:

MwB work with marginalized children in West Bank refugee camps, villages, schools, hospitals and orphanages. MwB are running four programs that integrate nonviolent approaches to conflict resolution with MwB’s community music and didactic approach.


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