War Child

War Child is an independent and impartial, international nongovernmental organisation investing in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict.  Children need to be protected from violence. By using creative and involving workshops War Childunleash the children’s inner strength. That is War Child’s mission. War Child works with children regardless of their religion, ethnicity, social background, or gender.

War Child International implements projects in Afghanistan, Burundi, Chechnya, Colombia, DRC, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, occupied Palestinian territory, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Uganda.

In The Occupied Palestinian territories, War Child and its partners provide children with a chance to express their thoughts, opinions, and emotions, learn how to cope with their reality, build a positive outlook on the future and claim their rights. War Child does this together with parents, teachers, and government officials, and especially with children and young people themselves.

Through theatre, visual arts and life-skills workshops, War Child helps children in occupied Palestinian territory regain their childhoods. Through their creations on paper, film or the stage, children can tell their stories in their own words to an audience of their peers and adults in a safe environment. In East Jerusalem, War Child helps young people who have experienced arrest to access information about their rights and the legal process.

War Child complements the work of the Israeli and Palestinian authorities, filling the gaps when they themselves do not have the ability or the will to fulfill the rights of children. War Child is also careful not to duplicate the work of the authorities or provide services where they are not needed. For example, because the Israeli government takes measures to protect and support Israeli children affected by the violence near the border with Gaza, War Child focuses its interventions on other vulnerable groups.

Source: Occupied Palestinian Territory | War Child Holland

War child