The Palestinian Counseling Center

The Palestinian Counseling Center is a non governmental organization that provides comprehensive services in the field of mental health including therapy, psychological counseling, socio-educational services to prevent the development of psychological problems, capacity building and replica watches consultations to organizations and individuals working in mental health, in addition to lobbying and advocacy to influence legislation and policies that enhance the right to a state of mental well being in Palestine.

PCC Approach: PCC views the individual holistically, as a complex social being, and thus seek to address the needs of each person by evaluating him or her within the psychological, sociological, and political contexts that may impact their lives significantly on a regular basis. Hence, PCC’s work adopts a comprehensive method, conducting individual care as well as communal and group activities.

The PCC boasts four departments – the Clinical Department, the Prevention Department, the Capacity Building Department, and the Advocacy Department, and two support departments –  the Public Relations Department and the Administrative and Financial Department

PCC Objectives: To improve the well being of individuals and groups psychologically, occupationally, educationally and socially; To reduce the danger of developing psycho-social problems among individuals and groups in marginalized areas; To upgrade the capacities and performance of individuals and institutions working in mental health; To improve policies, procedures, systems and practices related to the mental health of individuals and the Palestinian society at large


The Palestinian Counseling Center