Global Psychosocial Network

GPN is is a project within Psychologists for Social Responsibility. It is a global network of professionals who provide psychosocial support for other professionals and volunteers engaged in humanitarian, organizational, and activist work in conflict and disaster zones.

In multiple conflict and disaster zones across the globe, professionals and volunteers are addressing the needs of, or reporting on, traumatized populations and refugees. These human rights workers, activists, journalists, doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, social workers, researchers, and volunteers live in the same violent contexts as the populations they serve.

Despite their efforts to help others, workers in conflict and disaster zones often find themselves without support of their own. Sometimes, they are hesitant to seek local services for professional and/or personal reasons. At other times, adequate support is unavailable.

GPN is a network of global providers who offer low-cost, need-based psychosocial care to other professionals and volunteers, across the globe. GPN aims to recruit providers who have experience working with traumatized persons and/or conditions of adversity stemming from extreme poverty, war, occupation, local conflict, or disaster and/or the stresses imposed on local economies and organizations from these conditions.

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Source: Global Psychosocial Network | Supporting healthcare, psychosocial, and humanitarian workers in regions of distress

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