Public Education for Palestinian Children in East Jerusalem: August 2012

An August 2012 report on public education in the Palestinian sectors in East Jerusalem, jointly authored by Ir Amim [‘Ir ‘Amim] and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel documents a disturbing shortage of school facilities and materials for Palestinian students. It reports that the municipal Ministry of Education has undercounted the number of school-aged Palestinian children by more than 20,000 and has, therefore, neglected to provide facilities for these students. Even students with access to municipal education services often attend schools with a severe shortage of classroom space and office materials. 3,000 must pass through checkpoints in the Separation Wall in their daily commute to and from class.

Partially as a result of these shortfalls, more than 17% of Palestinian children in East Jerusalem of secondary school age (grades seven to 12) have dropped out of school. In the remainder of the West Bank, in contrast, only 2.6% of enrolled Palestinian students drop out of secondary school.

The full text of the report is available here.

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