“The Impact of Child Detention”: 2012 Report by Save the Children

Save the Children Sweden has documented the violation of Palestinian children’s human rights since the early 1990s. Its 2012 report, produced in conjunction with the East Jerusalem YMCA, documents the military detention of Palestinian children and the practice’s effects on detained children, their families, and their communities.

The report features moving testimonies from detained children and their families and drawings and photographs produced by former child detainees. It begins by surveying the parties responsible for the protection of Palestinian child rights (the Israeli military, the Palestinian National Authority, etc.) and making recommendations for policy changes that will better protect these rights. It analyzes the impact of a child’s detention on her or his emotional well-being, social life, family life, and community. The report concludes with a survey of Save the Children’s and the YMCA’s counseling program in the West Bank, which employs 17 counsellors in 11 cities.

The full text of the report is available here, and its summary here. More information about the counseling program is available here.

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