The Impact of House Demolitions on Palestinian Children and Families: “Save the Children”, February 2012

Broken Homes: Addressing the impact of house demolitions on Palestinian children and families

The report looks at the impact of house demolitions on children and their parents, the cumulative impact on the family unit (in terms of its mental, physical and economic health and access to familial and wider social support), and the responsibilities of duty bearers to protect and assist.

The report was issued by The Palestinian Counselling CentreSave the Children UK, and Welfare Association in February 2012.

From the report:

Since Israel’s 1967 occupation of  the West Bank, including Jerusalem and Gaza, it is estimated that Israeli civil and military authorities have destroyed 24,000 Palestinian homes in the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT). The rate of house demolitions has risen significantly since the second Intifada began in September 2000 and, as this study shows, house demolitions have become a major cause of forced displacement in the OPT.

When a home is demolished, a family loses both the house as
a financial asset and often the property inside it. For the families
surveyed in this study these losses respectively totalled an average of approximately $105,090 and $51,261 per family.

But the impact goes beyond loss of physical property and economic opportunity. This report is unique in the connection it makes between the impact of house demolitions on children and their families, and the responsibility of duty bearers to protect and assist.
Using structured mental health questionnaires, semi-structured
questionnaires of the family’s demolition experience and socioeconomic conditions, and open interviews with families, this study depicts a portrait of Palestinian families who have experienced house demolitions. This depiction enables the humanitarian community to better advocate for an end
to demolitions and, in the interim, put in place a comprehensive and coordinated response for families who are facing displacement due to demolition or other factors.

Download: Broken Homes (English)

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